Advanced Techniques for Laser

Running a laser is expensive. Any movement made by the machine that doesn’t involve cutting material is a wasted movement, causing wear and tear on the machine and costing time. A laser cutting torch generates a sudden and forceful concentration of energy initiating the cutting sequence, referred to as

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Manufacturing is looking good in 2018

SigmaTEK Systems, creators of the powerful nesting software, SigmaNEST, reported a record-breaking Fabtech Expo this week. “This trade show is always a strong predictor of where the economy is going. Manufacturing investment acts as a leading indicator for growth, and this year’s attendees were ready to invest, both in

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Meet the SigmaTEK Expert Panel: Fabtech Expo Chicago

SigmaTEK Systems is excited to showcase our comprehensive software solutions at the Fabtech Expo in Chicago this year. SigmaTEK will unveil a new and larger booth design, complete with comfortable seating and five kiosks for product demonstrations. Attendees can interact with SigmaNEST software through a touch screen monitor

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Design for Manufacturing: Bevel

Design for Manufacturing: Bevel Bevels are edge cuts typically used to prepare steel plate parts for welding. Professional fabricators have long relied on CNC machines and nesting software to fine tune and automate the beveling process. As the industry leader in bevel processing, SigmaNEST delivers accurate bevels with

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Tampa Bay Steel

Tampa Bay Steel Tampa Bay Steel has been in business for over 35 years and is one of Florida’s major steel distribution and processing centers. They specialize in custom jobs and work with a vast variety of metals such as plate, sheet, stainless, carbon and

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Bartco Lighting

Bartco Lighting Bartco Lighting, located in Huntington Beach, CA manufactures LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures. Like many growing companies, Bartco found themselves with a need to increase capacity. After extensive research, The Bartco team was presented with two options; purchasing a fourth press brake or improving production and shop efficiency

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CMTS 2017: Visit Us

CMTS 2017: Visit Us SigmaTEK will be visiting the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show at The International Centre (Halls 1-4) in Mississauga, Canada from September 25th through September 28th. We will be joined by over 700+ manufacturing industry professionals who will showcase more than 3,000,000 lbs of manufacturing equipment and technology,

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Cutting Composites: Knife

Cutting Composites: Knife Composites are known for their layered design and reinforced strength, however not all composite materials can be cut with the same amount of power and speed. As discussed in previous articles, composite materials come in all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses; therefore, there

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SigmaTEK and Roadtec: A Story of Automation

SigmaTEK and Roadtec: Automation, Together Over the last 23 years, SigmaTEK Systems has had the opportunity to work with numerous outstanding organizations around the world who depend on SigmaNEST software to help them complete their most important work. For the month of September, SigmaNEST would like to share how

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Cutting Composites: Waterjet

Cutting Composites: Waterjet Cutting composite material almost always requires a different approach than more traditional materials like metals because of its homogenous characteristics. Using conventional cutting applications and machining techniques on composite material could cost your shop thousands of unnecessary dollars in tool wear and

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