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Jobs Module – Quote Nesting

Quoting. It sounds easy enough but then you start looking at the details. What is the cost of materials, taxes, tariffs, labor, assembly, shipping, and the list goes on. It’s important to your bottom line that quotes be accurate and turned around in a timely manner.

The new Jobs module is a complete quoting solution that enhances previous SigmaNEST functionality. From the start the Jobs Module – Quote provides you with three main areas of efficiency:


  • Ability to quote everything your shop has to offer, including parts, assemblies, stock, services, and more
  • Complete control over process plans, templates, and costs
  • Advanced costing models to fit your company’s pricing structure
  • Support for multiple currencies, markups, shipping costs, and tax rates


  • Tracks material source on customer or manufacturer supplied material
  • Allows for mixed material quoting
  • Allows for discounts on bulk orders


  • Quick access to current and past quotes
  • Track pending order status
  • Adjust the quote for future customer needs or reissue the current quote
  • Produces customizable letters and reports including your company logo
  • Full integration with SigmaMXP and other SigmaTEK products

The new Jobs module is a complete replacement for the SigmaNEST Quoting module, meaning that it is a free upgrade for customers who own the Quoting module and have a current maintenance subscription.

Don’t have the Quoting Module and would like to run your operation more efficiently, saving time and money? Contact your sales representative for a demo.

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