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CAD Integration

Import Nearly Any File

SigmaNEST software can directly import any major 2D and 3D CAD file or PDF vector or raster file for painless part creation.

Easily Fix Errors During Import

Automatically corrects errors on DXF, DWG, CDL, IGES, DSTV, STEP files, G-code and NC ESSI code. Automated repair tools help you correct any geometry during import. The Optional Filter Module smooths digitized or scanned artwork using cutting-edge curve fitting and entity reduction techniques.

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Feature Recognition and Intelligent Mapping

Filter assemblies and use mapping tools to only import the parts you need while tracking all items in the job. SigmaNEST automatically recognizes features like bevels, milling pockets, and bends, in addition to material and processing specifications.

CAD Import Direct Modules

SigmaNEST offers a CAD Import Direct module for most major CAD brands. CAD Import Direct modules offer a seamless integration to fabricators that rely on one CAD program for most of its part creation.

CAD Import Direct:

  • Requires a local CAD installation and CAD license
  • Able to perform more advanced assembly and configuration filtering
  • 1:1 – one module for one CAD format
  • Offers PDM/PLM integration for checking out assembly and part revisions

CAD Import Plus for Diverse Capabilities

For fabricators that need to readily import a variety of CAD file formats without licensing each CAD program separately, CAD Import Plus module can help.

CAD Import Plus:

  • Does not require a local CAD installation and CAD license
  • Able to process part import very quickly
  • One module, multiple CAD formats
  • Future support for additional CAD formats
CAD Integration 

Modules Included

tick-green = Included, tick-yellow = Additional module required, tick-blue = Available in supporting CAD systems
* Requires Local CAD Installation

Base SigmaNEST CADImport Direct * CADImport Plus
Supported CAD Formats
Filters and Mapping
Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Support
Workflow Automation

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