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Advanced Management Solutions

SigmaNEST can help your business compete with the increasing pressure for integration, flexibility, and automation. Our team has a proven ability to identify and develop the right solution to advance your manufacturing process to the next level in areas such as automated nesting, quoting, process efficiency, loading/unloading, inventory planning, and customized production.

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Automated Nesting Solutions

for On-Demand Operations Our Machine Console and APCON solutions are programmed to collect work directly from your MRP/ERP system for streamlined simplicity.

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Automated Quoting Solution

for Prenesting and Inventory of Just-in-Time Operation Automated Quoting Station uses customer business logic to quote orders, and then prenest and determine inventory needed for future just-in-time workflow.

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Lights-Out Nesting

for Unmanned Production Times “Lights out” cutting enables fabricators to continue to run even during periods when an operator is not available to supervise.

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Process Optimization

SimTrans Data Transaction Manager can be applied to nearly any process to eliminate rework and collect the data to manage operations more effectively.

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Remote Supervision Solutions

Manager’s Assistant and Shop Manager provide supervisors and schedulers access to work-in-progress without purchasing a full SigmaNEST license.

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Material Analysis

Material Analyst calculates sheet sizes for the future inventory for reduced cost and improved delivery times.

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