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What Can Recessed Tabbing Do For You?

Are you using your SigmaNEST software to its greatest advantage on your laser cutting machine? SigmaNEST does more than provide an optimum nest, especially with your plasma and laser cutters. Lasers are a great cutting tool technology for thinner materials like ceramic, rubber, leather, certain metals, plastic, and wood. They are not; however, without their drawbacks including burrs which result in hours spent grinding to smooth out the product.

This can significantly increase your production time, leading to fewer orders being processed on a daily basis. Not to mention having to build in longer lead times for delivery of products to customers when quoting projects. The result is a reduction in your facility’s competitiveness which impacts profitability.

Advantages to Recessed Tabbing

This is where one of SigmaNEST’s best features for laser and plasma cutters comes in – recessed tabbing. Recessed tabs have several advantages including:

  • Prevent torch crashing
  • Prevent the loss of small parts
  • Sheet stability
  • Prevent parts from bowing
  • Prevent damaged parts

Part damage and tool protection aren’t the only advantages, recessed tabs save hours of production time by virtually eliminating grinding. How? Lead-in/lead-outs are calibrated to create the smallest possible tab. When production of the part is complete, pop the tabs and you have a piece that is ready to be boxed and shipped. No burrs to remove. Better efficiency. Shorter turnaround. Time for more orders.

Watch this video clip of a customer that laser cut a 4,000-piece work order utilizing the recessed tabbing feature. The facility saved more than five hours of work on just this one project.

A more efficiently run shop means more orders processed and more profits. Schedule a demo today of all that SigmaNEST can do for you.

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