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The Importance of Workplace Software Training

When it comes to running your business, your software is only as good as your training

Many people have attempted to assemble a grill, bookcase, or kids play set at one point or another using an online video. Videos allow the viewer to watch as often as needed and pause when needed. However, not all videos are created equal, some instructors are more informed than others, present better than others, and leave you with questions.

Often in a workplace setting, a novice programmer is trained by a more experienced co-worker. On the surface this might appear to be an easy, quick, and cost-effective solution (like that video); but the pupil is subject to the instructor’s availability, effectiveness, and technical limitations. (After all, one can’t teach what one doesn’t know.)

The Value of Effective Training, A Case in Point

A growing workload at Idaho Steel exposed a number of costly fabrication-related issues:

  • Parts were missed or not cut at all
  • Incorrect quantities were often cut
  • Processed parts didn’t always fit
  • Parts were being cut from the wrong material
  • CAD models were being reworked on the shop floor

I cannot overstate the impact and value of SigmaNEST training

While attending SigmaNEST software training, Idaho Steel’s attendees learned the software’s advanced features and dove deeper into its ability to automate many processes. “We gained a fresh perspective on our entire manufacturing process,” said Project Engineer, Aaron Lewer. “From design through production we quickly identified key areas to automate. This allowed us to streamline processes and more fully leverage the capabilities of our equipment while relying on SigmaNEST to drive production. I cannot overstate the impact and value of SigmaNEST software training.”

From Weeks to Minutes

Today the company is achieving new levels of fabrication efficiency and speed. Thanks largely to SigmaNEST, a process that once took three weeks is now completed in minutes. “We’ve been leveraging SigmaNEST as the foundation of our new process with great success,” explained Lewer. “CAD geometry import, part information (material, thickness), and production information (Work Order number, Quantity) are now part of an automated solution. We plan on adding training for employees and continued improvement as we implement further process changes.”

Structured Hands-On Classes

When it comes to learning, SigmaNEST is user-friendly; however, structured hands-on classes from a SigmaTEK training professional provides a quicker grasp of the program. In addition, the training provides tips and tricks into some of the nuances of the latest release of the program that an “onsite” instructor may not be aware of. Our training is conducted by SigmaTEK engineers and ensures that all functionality is understood and fully leveraged to get the most out of your machine and software purchase.

With training facilities in Cincinnati, Seattle, Brazil, and Italy, SigmaTEK offers a variety of training options and locations. We can even conduct on-site training at your facility.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, SigmaNEST training provides tips and tricks that will help you enhance your skills and keep your workflow moving at maximum capacity.

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