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INTEGRATE business systems


  • Allows for powerful ERP/MRP system integration
  • Automate DXF, DWG, or 3D CAD file import
  • Permits work orders and raw material inventory to be passed from the business system to SigmaNEST and returns actual usage data and production status for updating the ERP/MRP system

SimTrans™ Enterprise

  • Extends SimTrans capability to manage data interchange with multiple remote locations
  • Central ERP/MRP system interface
  • Process feedback returned from each remote facility to update business system

SIMPLIFY part sorting

Color Offload Screen

  • Graphical nest viewer to better identify and sort parts coming off the cutting machine, especially in cases where orders are mixed together
  • Special features include part rejection, label printing, and time tracking
  • Easy and efficient for the operator

MANAGE machine usage

Load Manager

  • Plan workload going to cutting machines
  • Graphic rendering of machine usage and scheduling
  • Drag-and-drop program blocks for load rebalancing

INFORM management

Order Tracker and Manager’s Assistant

  • High-level real-time view of job status

  • Supports timely and accurate decision-making
  • Provide supervisors or schedulers access to SigmaNEST data management screens without a full license
  • Built-in data grid displays estimated remaining cutting machine hours

AUTOMATE nest programming

APCON: Automated Production Control Nesting

  • Pulls all open part requirements and generates nested sheets, applies tool paths, posts, and prints reports
  • Comprehensive automation custom-tailored to your environment and requirements
  • Facilitates “lights-out” SigmaNEST processing

OPTIMIZE work load

Machine Console

  • Just-in-time approach, on-demand processing
  • Automated nesting and NC path generation at the machine
  • Enables speed and flexibility for machine operator

PREDICT raw material requirements

Supply Chain Adviser and Material Analyst

  • Determines best order quantity and sheet size for production
  • Plans ideal sheet size and quantities by orders
  • Reduces cost and improves delivery times


Quoting and Estimating Modules

  • Rapid quote turnaround to fabrication RFQs, powered by SigmaNEST engine
  • Manages customer information, tracks status, provides accurate and professional quotes
  • Automatically handles large volumes of requests

CUSTOM consulting

Other SigmaTEK Services

SigmaNEST handshake
  • Analyze and quantify existing processes in discovery phase
  • Leverage SigmaNEST to interface with network, machines, and business systems
  • Provide legacy data migration, custom plugins, and reports
  • Offer onsite SigmaNEST consulting and advanced training


We offer customized solutions using SigmaNEST as the hub to automate your business and maximize your profitability.

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