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About the Program

about the program

Work with our team of experienced business, engineering, and software development professionals in a tailor-made program created to help your organization receive the highest level of support, in one worry-free package.

Advantage Support

advantage support

Advantage Support gains access to the SigmaTEK Services Group professionals, who provide an enhanced level of support for automation needs, customization of software, and work to help make your plugin work seamlessly for your company and your system.

Top Tier: Product Influencer

Product Influencer

The Product Influencer level of support gains access to the SigmaTEK Services Group professionals, who provide premium customization and design to specifications for your company’s needs; your to the level that you become a development partner.

Key Benefits

There are many benefits to being part of the SigmaTEK Corporate Account Program:
  • Simplified: Updates are consistent for all workstations, in all locations, ensuring continuity between all of your company’s SigmaNEST users
  • Synchronized: Consistent software expiration dates, fluid and controlled version updates
  • Streamlined: Tailor-made processes keep up with dynamic business environments
  • Upgraded: Focused technical support, highest priority level
  • Assured: Disaster recovery support
  • Structured: Meets the needs of large corporations
  • Cost-Effective: Bundle software and services for special savings
  • Professional development: Attend annual training classes to keep your organization at the peak of its performance

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