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Tube Cutting Software

A complete tube and pipe cutting software supporting round, square, rectangular, or triangular tube/pipe along with structural material such as I-beams, H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and other user-defined shapes. Custom programs are available to fully maximize the advanced features of Mazak FabriGear, Trumpf, BLM, Bystronic, Amada and Other 3D tube and pipe cutting laser machines.

  • Complex programming made EASY
  • Faster turn-around time for orders
  • Optimized material usage and machine performance
  • No separate CAM system required
sigmatube tube cutting software
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SigmaTUBE generates NC code without exporting assemblies or parts from SOLIDWORKS. In addition a wide variety of popular or neutral SolidCAD file formats are also supported. In addition, SigmaTUBE contains its own library of standard shapes.

  • SOLIDWORKS (native)

  • Parasolid

  • Siemens NX

  • Inventor

  • PTC Creo

All nesting and tool path data is stored with the SOLIDWORKS assembly compatible with PDM or product data management systems.

  • Dialogue Interface for step-by-step programming

  • TrueShape nesting

  • Multi-task automatically groups sections for nesting

  • Multiple profile nesting

  • Honors seam face in nesting

  • Manual nesting with such features as place part, delete, move, bump

  • Automatic tool path generation/sequencing

  • Part mode tool path

  • Assembly mode tool path

  • Programmable tube supports

  • Realistic tool path simulation

  • Contour segmentation when needed

  • Sub-routine code available

  • 4-Axis tube-wall thickness compensation

  • 5-Axis motion

  • Separate tail stock and local X-axis control

  • Lock rotation for small hole cutting

  • Round tube

  • Rectangular tube

  • Square tube

  • General convex tube

  • Extruded sections

  • Angle iron

  • Channels

  • I-Beam

  • Straight end-cuts

  • Miter cuts

  • Holes

  • Cut-outs

  • Cope/Finish Mouth cuts

  • 5-Axis bevel holes

  • Land bevels

  • Automatic marking/etching

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