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Real-World, K-Factor Calculation

SigmaUNFOLD empowers you to recognize sheet metal bend features in a 3D body and flatten the part using accurate K-factor based calculations, which ensures a realistic, real-world representation of the part in the software. Assemblies and parts can be processed individually or simultaneously allowing for complete workflow management.

SigmaUNFOLD can transform your fabrication process

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Integrated Interface for Easy Manipulation

Unfolded parts can be directly manipulated in the same interface for cutting and bending operations without need to export and re-import, reducing programming time and improving accuracy.

  • Easily handle parts with 3D features
  • Unfold closed shapes with automatic detection and slit cut placement
  • Rule-based K-factor, bend allowance and bend deduction values
Comprehensive Unfolding Features

Comprehensive Unfolding Features

  • Work with single parts, assemblies, or the entire workspace offering complete flexibility
  • Edit bends directly and adjust the bend radius with built-in CAD tools
  • Easily handles parts with 3D features like multi-depth pockets, bevels, louvers, and bends
  • Unfold closed shapes (like tubes) with automatic detection and slit cut placement
SigmaUNFOLD Offers Adaptive Preferences

SigmaUNFOLD Offers Adaptive Preferences

  • Rule-based K-factor, bend allowance, and bend deduction values let you choose how to unfold
  • Shared editable database of materials ready-to-use for all connected users
Integrated and Automated

Integrated and Automated

  • Non-interactive and 3D interactive unfolding workflows available directly inside SigmaNEST
  • Supports major CAD formats preserving important model data
  • Leverage batch commands for fully autonomous unfolding and flat pattern export

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