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Complete Tube and Pipe Nesting within SOLIDWORKS

SigmaTUBE SW is Easy, Intelligent, Versatile

With the ability to break down an entire tube assembly, SigmaTUBE SW can separate parts by nesting tasks, nest each part for optimum yield, and apply advanced toolpath techniques all in a matter of seconds. SigmaTUBE software supports laser and plasma cutting for tubes of any shape along with structural materials from C-channel to H-beam.

SigmaTUBE SW can transform your fabrication process

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Feature Recognition for Assembly Importing and Work Orders

SigmaTUBE SW scans the entire assembly and identifies tube sections and features to be cut. Parts are automatically grouped according to cutting profiles and materials. Assembly quoting and auto tasking simplify work orders and process plans for the entire assemblies, and provides a customizable report with all of the job details.

  • Flexible part creation
  • Simple and powerful toolpathing
  • Fully 3D environment
  • Easy reports and data management
Flexible Part Creation

Flexible Part Creation

  • SigmaTUBE imports your favorite generic and native CAD 3D parts and assemblies
  • Leverage the parametric shape library to instantly create tube and pipe parts
  • Advanced profile and feature recognition to automatically group similar parts for nesting and cutting
Simple and Powerful Toolpathing

Simple and Powerful Toolpathing

  • Automatic and manual control for cutting quality
  • One-click weld preparation cuts for pipe joints
  • Seamless toolpath compensation for non-bevel machines
  • Common-line cutting feature reduces time and pierce points
3D Environment

3D Environment

  • Instant and clear visualization of your machine head and nested parts including rapids
  • In-depth edit and modification controls directly on the part or nest
  • Easily import large assemblies with a variety of parts and switch between assembly, part, and nest 3D view

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