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SigmaNEST for Fabrication Centers

Steel Service Centers are continually challenged to improve part quality, meet the faster demands of their customers, and improve their own raw material utilization. SigmaNEST’s versatility and functionality for all major profile cutting and punching machines allows this single nesting software to interface with most, if not all, Service Center’s equipment, meaning less training and investment.

A few ways SigmaNEST nesting software supports Job Shops/Steel Service Centers

Flexible color/layer/level mapping of DXF file to quickly clean up CAD files from numerous customers
Sophisticated nesting and NC pathing for common line cutting
Quoting module (optional)
Inventory management (optional)
Job console or “just-in-time nesting” on shop floor (optional)
Color Offload (optional) for easy identification related parts for co-mingled orders on the same nest.

SigmaNEST’s advanced modules for job tracking, order scheduling and inventory control are ideal for coordination needs of service centers.

Job Tracking/Scheduling

  • Automated nesting task set up
  • Integrated order database
  • Combine work orders for scrap reduction or elimination
  • Automatic part quantity tracking
  • Part production scheduling
  • Work order status reporting

Job Tracking/Scheduling

  • Integrated stock and remnant material database
  • Browse remnant database and make selection according to graphical representation, size, thickness, or material type
  • Event-based inventory consumption tracking
  • Graphical plate history and traceability, including sheet number, dimensions, material grade, heat number, etc.
  • Inventory status and cost reporting
  • Import/export capabilities – new plates received or sold, and material consumed

Motion Optimization

SigmaNEST can reduce cutting time through common-line, auto-bridge and auto-chain cutting. The software also configures sequencing for minimum movement and auto tip-up for part avoidance.

Material Utilization

Advanced true shape nesting allows part-in-part nesting, easily combining small and larger parts from multiple orders to get the best material yield. SigmaNEST’s advanced modules provide complete inventory control, allowing best sheet selection, improved remnant consumption and overall inventory reduction.

Part Quality

SigmaNEST helps ensure cutting the most dimensionally accurate parts through available features like automatic power ramping at corners, auto dwell and exact stops as well as varying, user-defined cut quality within a single part and between different parts in a single nest. Lead-in options, such as over-burn and micro-joints, help ensure part quality for the larger, denser parts required for construction and agricultural equipment.

For punch machines, SigmaNEST offers the option for “auto dynamic” nesting to tool and nest parts at the same time. Common-line punching, automatic and interactive repositioning, tabbing and drop-door capabilities are among the other key punch features.

Sigmanest Fabrication Centers

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    Service Center Customers Include

    Farwest Steel (U.S.)
    Rolled Alloys (U.S.)
    American Steel Inc.
    Denman and Davis (U.S.)