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SigmaNEST For Construction & Architecture

SigmaNEST is ideal for nesting the large parts requiring strength and stability for constructing buildings and prefabricated homes. Effective nesting reduces costly scrap material and cutting time, as well as prolongs the life of machine consumables for oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting machines.

A few ways SigmaNEST nesting software supports the Construction & Architecture Industry

Advanced nesting and NC pathing for multi-torch plate machines
Sophisticated nesting and NC pathing for common line cutting

Variety of pre-piercing capabilities for heavy plate, including custom pre-pierce shapes

Part tracking database to easily located existing static nests for a part
Revision tracking

SigmaNEST utilizes all machine cutting/punching functions and technologies, ensuring peak performance while integrating with other software and systems to optimize processes.

Motion Optimization

SigmaNEST can reduce cutting time through common-line, auto-bridge and auto-chain cutting. The software also configures sequencing for minimum movement and auto tip-up for part avoidance.

Material Utilization

Advanced true shape nesting allows part-in-part nesting, easily combining small and larger parts from multiple orders to get the best material yield. SigmaNEST’s advanced modules provide complete inventory control, allowing best sheet selection, improved remnant consumption and overall inventory reduction.

Part Quality

For large machine parts, SigmaNEST helps ensure cutting the most dimensionally accurate parts through available features like automatic power ramping at corners, auto dwell and exact stops as well as varying, user-defined cut quality within a single part and between different parts in a single nest. Lead-in options, such as overburn and micro-joints, help ensure part quality for the larger, denser parts required for construction and agricultural equipment.
SigmaNEST For Construction & Architecture

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