Shop Floor Integration

SigmaNEST is more than just nesting software:
It’s a platform that connects individual operations to the entire company, streamlining your process
from the office to the shop floor and back again.

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Process Optimization

Process Optimization

SimTrans™ connects every part of your process, eliminating duplicate work and collecting the data you need to manage operations effectively.

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Automation 4.0

Advanced Automation

HD SuperNest is our most advanced nesting module. It is the culmination of years of work by elite PhD engineers, developers, and mathematicians.

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Operations Control

Operations Control

Color Offload helps machine operators keep track of the work orders they are unloading after a job is done.

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Order Management

Order Management

The Quote Nesting™ module enables you to track orders from the time they come in until they are delivered to your client.

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