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Dynamic Production Planning for a Streamlined Workflow

Real Time Load Balancing

Designed for the demands of fabrication, Load Manager software now has “real-time load balancing” to divide the work efficiently for machines and secondary operations, while identifying any sequence dependencies within the timeline. The software can also be used to automatically “Resolve” the current day’s schedule to compensate for disruptions, such as machine down time or “hot” jobs, to ensure job priorities are met.

Load Manager can transform your fabrication process

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Workflow at a Glance

Load Manager enables optimum productivity through proactive machine scheduling and load analysis tools. Workload can be assigned (or reassigned), using drag and drop, to any machine or secondary operation. Programs can be quickly split, extended, stopped, or restarted. When used in conjunction with Color Offload, schedules are updated in real time to accurately reflect shop floor status.

Assign Work for the Whole Shop

Assign Work for the Whole Shop

  • Automatically assign work to all workstations including secondary operations such as bending and welding
  • Quickly view dependencies between each operation appointment
  • Reschedule all assigned work on demand to compensate for any shop floor disruption
  • Automatic load balancing between workstations of the same operation
Create Custom Calendar/Shifts

Create Custom Calendar/Shifts

  • Add all working shifts including hours of the day and days of the week
  • Add all daily break times
  • Add all scheduled down times such as holidays and scheduled maintenance globally or on a workstation by workstation basis
Quickly View Capacity

Quickly View Capacity

  • Schedulers can quickly see the scheduled capacity for all operations
  • Color coding to indicate fully loaded and limited available capacity operations
  • Maintain nests in a scheduling queue displaying program number, material type and thickness, designated machine, and estimated run time

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