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Optimized Beam Line Nesting for Maximum Material Yield

SigmaCTL 3D Interface Offers Better Control

SigmaCTL is a Cut-to-Length nesting solution to allow fabricators to nest segments onto bar/tube/pipe/beam stock ensuring the most efficient use of material. Powerful nesting algorithms calculate an optimum cut plan when working with complex work orders and varying stock length and thickness.

SigmaCTL can transform your fabrication process

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Nesting Options for Bundle or Miter

With support for miter and bundle nesting, SigmaCTL offers scrap reduction, raw material/remnant tracking, and order processing to produce less waste and improve efficiency all with minimal user interaction. Miter support flips and rotate parts to match up miter geometry for a better nest.

  • Batch processing combines work orders according to bar type and thickness to keep orders moving
  • Flexible nesting tasks in SigmaCTL permits nesting from exiting stock or generating order quantities necessary to complete the task to keep orders moving through the process
Robust Part Creation

Robust Part Creation

  • Expansive industry-standard profile library for one-click shape creation
  • Add custom profiles and groups to quickly build parts
  • A simple user interface makes programming easy to learn
Impressive Nesting

Impressive Nesting

  • Miter and bundle nesting feature in SigmaCTL options help save the maximum amount of material
  • Also reduces machine setup time increases overall work capacity
  • Visualize bar profiles and nests in 3D to more effectively manage bundles and layouts
Start-to-Finish Control and Tracking

Start-to-Finish Control and Tracking

  • Customizable cutting plan reports the data that matters
  • SigmaCTL ensures inventory tracking with remnant management
  • Batch processing in SigmaCTL supports a fully automated workflow and ERP/MRP integration

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