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Intuitive 3D Press Brake software solution

3D Interface for Better Press Brake Control

SigmaBEND AP utilizes full 3D simulation to maximize the speed, quality, and efficiency of press brake operations. The ability to interactively change programming parameters provides ultimate control. Verifying bending operations offline frees up valuable machine time, improves first-off reliability, and reduces manufacturing costs.

SigmaBEND AP can transform your fabrication process

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SigmaBEND AP Increases Accuracy, Reduces Scrap

Through detailed bend instructions, even a less experienced operator can confidently bend a part accurately the first time, while being fully aware of the tooling and bend sequence prior to the start of the program—reducing scrap and delivering further efficiencies to the shop floor.

SigmaBEND AP provides an automatic programming solution to reduce the bend bottleneck through increased accuracy, optimization of setup and tooling, and standardized programming and bend sequencing.

SigmaBEND AP Comprehensive Tooling

SigmaBEND AP Comprehensive Tooling

  • SigmaBEND AP includes ready-to-use industry-standard tooling libraries
  • Gets the job done with support for special tools for hemming and extensions
  • Quickly add new custom tool profiles with DXFs or parametric shapes
  • Customize favorite tool preferences to meet the needs of the job
Accurate Programming

Accurate Programming

  • SigmaBEND AP reduces clicks which improves profitability by shrinking programming time
  • Fast, automatic sequencing and tool selection creates optimized and reliable sequences
  • Eliminate costly programming errors and material waste with collision analysis

SigmaBEND AP is Focused on Automation

  • Create updated flat patterns based on tooling selection to ensure more accurate finished parts
  • SigmaBEND AP integrates directly with SigmaNEST to create a seamless workflow for bend programming to flat pattern cutting
  • Bend program details can be mapped to SigmaNEST part data fields for improved quoting and bend information visibility

SigmaBEND AP Packages

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SigmaBEND AP BendSim SigmaBEND AP BendSim Pro

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