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Manufacturing Data Transaction Management

SimTrans is an online transaction manager that serves as a bridge between SigmaNEST nesting software and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) systems, order entry or other management software solutions. MRP and/or other management software usually reside on large, centralized servers or mainframe systems while SigmaNEST is normally installed on workstations. SimTrans acts as the transaction manager between two systems regardless of the platform used for installation.

The diagram shows the data flow from the customer through the sales, order processing and engineering systems. SigmaNEST functions at the center of manufacturing operations and maintains its own database of parts, work orders and material inventory. SimTrans permits internal information systems to communicate with SigmaNEST and its database.

  • Provides a communication link between a business system and SigmaNEST
  • Populates part requirements and sheet/plate stock into SigmaNEST in real time
  • Automatically converts 2D or 3D CAD files into ready-to-nest SigmaNEST parts
  • Supplies data to business systems at the different phases of the order process, such as work order completion, material consumption levels, etc.
  • Standard database format (SQL) allows interface with any type of business system
  • Compatible with TXT, CSV, and other common input file types
  • More than 40 ready-to-use transaction types
  • Can trigger batch files to run
  • Installation, training and consulting for SimTrans available onsite or remote
  • Seamless data flow and order processing
  • Eliminate redundant data transfer processes and potential human errors
  • Order hits floor faster to meet deadlines
  • Automatic data entry
  • Scalable solution – SimTrans can grow with your company’s needs
sigmamrp software invoice screen
sigmamrp software
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