SigmaNEST Load Manager

Schedules are tight and meeting deadlines is often the difference between winning and losing future contracts. Machine flexibility and responsiveness is the key. SigmaNEST Load Manager puts you in complete control of the shop floor to quickly assess production and easily reassign jobs to any compatible machine.

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Load Manager maintains jobs in a scheduling queue displaying the program number, material type, machine, and estimated run time. Machines are combined into common machine groups allowing programs to be assigned (or reassigned) to any machine in that group.
  • Interactive scheduling view with custom filters
  • Easily assign or reassign programs by simply dragging and dropping
  • Dispatch list view shows all programs assigned to the current machine.
  • Automatic machine compatibility checks
  • Estimated cutting time displayed and updated as the program runs
  • Schedules are updated in real-time to accurately reflect shop floor status.


Designed for cutting machine scheduling and workload management, Load Manager helps you maximize production, balance machine workloads, and eliminate costly downtime.
  • Jobs can be quickly assigned, reassigned, stopped, and restarted
  • Easily view assigned nests and the parts within them
  • Interactive load rebalancing
  • Machine loads are displayed graphically for dynamic job progress tracking
  • Color-coded alerts inform you of scheduling conflicts and past due jobs
  • Automatically account for breaks and holidays using an interactive calendar
  • Scheduling flexibility allows programs to be split at scheduled breaks or extended over breaks

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