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Develop and capture accurate quotes for your customers and be first to market!

In this webinar, Arie Brown will demonstrate how you can increase profits for your company and impress management with the speed at which you can turnaround accurate quotes. Discover the multiple ways you can import whatever file you get from your client. Then turn that information into a rock solid quote in a few minutes. Never bid on a job that you lose money on again with SigmaNEST QuoteNesting. Finally, see how easy it is to integrate those quotes with your current ERP system and how to convert them into live work orders.

Topics Covered:
1. Estimator’s Dashboard
2. PDF Import
3. 3-D Assembly File Import
4. DXF/DWG File Import
5. Standard shape part creation
6. Quoting transaction with your current ERP software
7. Converting quote to work order
8. Work order nesting
9. Costing calculation and how to include value added processes

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