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Router Cutting Machines

Router Cutting Software

SigmaNEST is the leading router software for programming single or multi-spindle wood and metal CNC routing machines. It’s ideal for high-efficiency production in frame shops, boat, and furniture manufacturers. Single and multi-head management, efficient stack cutting and multi-pass cutting are a few of the advanced features offered by SigmaNEST.

Router cutting machine


  • Directly import multi-depth information from 3D CAD files
  • Extend tool life with variable depth control
  • Maximize material yield through common-line nesting/cutting
  • Minimize vacuum loss and enhance sheet stability
  • Auto program runs both sides for near and far sighted
  • Support for aggregate “I”, “T”, and “L” formations
  • Advanced NC logic including spiral inward cutting for vacuum hold-down efficiency
  • Support of automatic and manual cutting for multi-head
  • Recognition of partial depth and part edge for “auto pocket destruct”
  • Seamlessly import from solid CAD programs with automatic recognition of 3D models with z-depth
  • Automatic recognition for gang drilling
  • Automatic auxiliary for detail correcting
  • Stability sequencing
  • Small part handling


  • Single and multi-head management
  • Efficient stack cutting
  • Multi-pass cutting
  • Static nesting for the highest efficiency for cutting times
  • Tool oscillation to extend bit life
  • Multi-depth cutting and controls, including Z-depth tab
  • Z-ramp lead-ins to guard against fires
  • Contour lead-ins
  • Mortise and tenon
  • Metal router riveting
  • Pocketing
  • Win more jobs with faster and more accurate quoting
  • Customize tool order to optimize part quality
  • Set multi-pass cutting by contour to reduce machine time or nesting to increase vacuum efficiency
  • Optimize balance between throughput and material yield
  • Minimize tool and spindle damage by applying ramp-up leadins/leadouts
  • Extend tool life and part quality with multi-pass cutting features allowing for step down cuts
  • Considerably reduce cutting time with onion skin tabbing and 3D tabbing

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