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Punch Combination

Punch Combination

SigmaNEST offers automatic nesting and programming for machines with custom features and capabilities. Whether you are running a combination or multi-process machine, SigmaNEST can program it.

SigmaNEST offers multi-process nest optimization and generates NC code to run all the features of your machine. With more capable equipment, you demand more capable software. Whether you are combining punch with laser or plasma, SigmaNEST offers the right solution to meet your needs.

Punch Combination


  • Automatic and manual NC toolpath
  • Tool management and substitution
  • Automatic and manual punch tooling
  • Automatic tabbing
  • Auto-repositioning
  • 2D CAD capabilities
  • Drop-door support
  • Pre-pierce punching
  • Part handler support


  • Maximize yield per sheet
  • Save time through simplified programming and more efficient machine output
  • Complete tool and work order management
  • Save time with fewer tool changes
  • Automatic best sheet nesting

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