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Punch technology has advanced tremendously in the last five years, and SigmaNEST has been on the leading edge of running punch presses to maximum capability. Don’t get left behind with software designed for programming punch machines from 20 years ago. SigmaNEST automates the important things, like rolling tools and family part groups, while optimizing tooling sequence.


Import, Part Creation & Tooling

  • Fast and easy-to-use automatic punching
  • Precise and innovative functions for manual tooling
  • Tool clearances / tool database
  • Real-time tooling
  • Create tool patterns

Nest Optimization

Nest for punching with key features that take machine capabilities and constraints into consideration

  • Easy tab placement before and after tooling
  • Dead zone clearances
  • Nest for common-line punching

Machine Motion Optimization

Run even the most complex punch machines using SigmaNEST for Punching.

  • Punch with tabbing
  • Automatic repositioning for full sheet utilization with clamp recognition
  • Part removal and drop-door support
  • Part handler support

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