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SigmaBEND maximizes your investments by improving the speed, quality, and flexibility of the bending process. Optimize your air bending and support bending processes, while also increasing machine up-time and decreasing the load on your operator.

Cutting parts is only half the battle. If you can’t bend them properly, it doesn’t help to improve your nest yields. SigmaBEND is specifically designed to take the guess work out of bending parts.

  • Increase machine up-time by up to 50%
  • Decrease overall processing time for bent parts
  • Verify quotes before committing to a price
  • Accurate k-factor and flat pattern with tooling
  • Eliminate trial and error in your bending process

Error Prevention

  • Collision detection
  • Bend allowance based on actual tooling
  • Accurate unfolded blank size
  • Press brake work instruction sheet
  • Eliminate trial and error through bend simulation
  • Automatic collision checks

Tooling Optimization

  • Faster, more reliable programming
  • CAD/CAM integration
  • Customizable tool catalog
  • Shorter set-up time with quick access to fabrication information

Full Automation

  • Press brake tooling plan
  • Bend sequence calculation
  • Import CAD files and unfold them accurately
  • Back-bending
  • Step bending (radius bends)
  • K-factor storage per material

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