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Knife Cutting Software

The SigmaNEST Knife Cutting module offers an advanced nesting and NC programming solution to optimize CNC knife cutting technology through tight and accurate nesting, improved part quality and significant control of standard knife cutter functions. In addition to key machine technology considerations, SigmaNEST compensates for unique challenges faced when processing engineered materials such as carbon fiber and other composites.

SigmaNEST distances itself from the competition by focusing on user requirements – not simply from a part programming perspective, but how an order involves the entire shop. This means revolutionizing the quoting interface, providing strong inventory and order management capabilities with MRP/ERP systems, and fully understanding the shop operations from scheduling, programming, and delivery. Possessing this data is the first step and SigmaNEST is paving the way in operations feedback, intelligent forecasting, and automated controls.

Knife Cutting Software

CAD Integration & Nesting

  • Maximum yield nesting
  • Common-line nesting
  • Pattern matching
  • Remnant tracking & nesting
  • Supports more CAD file formats for import than any other nesting solution
  • Optimize stack height for multi-layer nesting
  • Automatic processing of flat pattern data from 3D CAD systems like SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo, Siemens NX as well as IGES, DXF, DWG

NC Programming

  • Composite material NC with unique parameters
  • Repositioning functionality allows for full hands-off automation and unattended running
  • Produce cleaner cuts and accurate sharp corners by setting compensation values for each blade
  • Hop over and cut back functionality
  • Accurate corner cutting with angle recognition and “pizza wheel” control

Engineered Materials & Composites

  • Ply identification – labels attachments, supports fixed, and indexable marking systems
  • Part structure and ply fiber management
  • Parametric oversize condition to the periphery of the ply
  • Minimize scrap and maximize efficiency when paired with SigmaNEST Composite Nesting module

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