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Powerful Integrated Quoting Module

Fast Accurate Quoting, Powered by SigmaQUOTE

SigmaQUOTE gives fabricators the advantage of fast, accurate quoting by leveraging SigmaTEK data for inventory, remnants, part costs, customer settings, and processing time. Estimators can quote instantly by importing any customer file format. With its ability to incorporate remnants, and batch process, SigmaQuote can help maximize your profit margin

SigmaQUOTE can transform your fabrication process

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Unlocking More Potential

When used with the SigmaMRP bundle, SigmaQUOTE shares data across the entire operation to accelerate business execution and streamline operations. SigmaMRP integrates business systems with production to factor total costs, time, contacts, and profits. Track wins to forecast where you want to grow your business. Track losses to focus your business for better potential.

  • Accurate quoting
  • Accelerated work orders
  • Customizable control
  • Integrated with SigmaTEK products
  • Scalable to full SigmaMRP platform
Accurate Quoting

Accurate Quoting

  • Advanced costing models to accurately fit your company’s pricing structure and product offering including parts, assemblies, stock, or services
  • Support for multiple currencies, shipping costs, markups, discounts and tax rates
  • Works on most CAD import translators
Built-in CRM

Built-in CRM

  • Manages quote history including work order conversions and quote losses to grow your established customers and win new business
  • Tracks material source on customer or manufacturer supplied material
  • Produce professional communication including branded letters, quotes, and reports
Customized to Your Needs

Customized to Your Needs

  • Complete control over process plans, templates, and costs to reflect the individuality of your business
  • Calculate labor and cutting costs for customers supplying their own raw materials
  • Works seamlessly with other SigmaTEK programs and other ERP/MRP or accounting systems

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