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Easy Browser App for Shop Floor Logistics

Paperless Tracking

SigmaLIFT browser app works on any mobile device or tablet to easily manage the movement of stock throughout operations. User-friendly interface enables barcode scanning throughout the app for a paperless trail that is fully integrated with the SigmaSUITE platform. Users can transfer stock among locations, deliver cut list materials to the proper workstation, and move dispatches to charter.

SigmaLIFT can transform your fabrication process

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Managing Materials with SigmaLIFT

  • Stock Transfer : SigmaLIFT stock batches seamlessly transfer from location to location
  • Dispatch to Charter : Dispatches ready to be shipped move to charter
  • Remnants to Stock : Remnants created from a program return to the proper location for future use
  • Cut List to Processing : Stock cut list transfers to the proper workstation
Easy access to logistics with barcode control
Easy access to logistics with barcode control

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