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Seamless DSTV Conversion in SOLIDWORKS

SigmaDSTV SW is Integrated for Efficient Workflow

SigmaDSTV SW is a DSTV exporter plugin that runs inside of SOLIDWORKS and is designed to generate NC1 files for beam line and beam coping machines. The seamless integration between the SigmaDSTV SW plugin and SOLIDWORKS ensures an easy and efficient way to export structural designs into DSTV format.

SigmaDSTV SW can transform your fabrication process

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SigmaDSTV SW is Smart and Automatic

With the ability to generate DSTV files directly from native SOLIDWORKS models, SigmaDSTV SW enables users to convert single parts, multibody parts, weldments, and even assembly files. SigmaDSTV SW automatically recognizes profiles compatible with the NC1 format for intelligent processing.

SigmaDSTV SW Creates Files From:

  • Flat Plate
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Angle
  • Channel
  • I-Beam
Fast Processing with SigmaDSTV SW

Fast Processing with SigmaDSTV SW

  • Directly import any major 2D and 3D file for painless part and assembly creation
  • Automatic profile recognition separates structural steel parts from other kinds of parts like nuts and bolts
  • Batch processing supports a fully automated workflow and ERP/MRP integration
Cost Effective File Handling

Cost Effective File Handling

  • Includes all features and abilities needed to go from CAD model to machine file in seconds
  • Automatic recognition of sketches as the marking process
  • Able to detect all configurations of a SOLIDWORKS part and export each as an NC1


  • Supports all SOLIDWORKS file types

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