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Williams Crusher

Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Company has been a leader in the crushing and pulverizing industry since 1871. They currently have over 500 patents and trademarks and they continue to create new and innovative designs for crushing machines worldwide. Williams Crusher offers a diverse product line with customized systems for a wide range of applications.

Many Williams machines contain a replaceable steel liner attached to interior sidewalls using a metal plug. A beveled countersink ensures a fit that is both secure and flush.

Bevel cutting poses unique challenges. “We had a real quality problem with bevel cuts,” said Foreman, Jim Colyott. “The process became a prolonged series of manual steps. It was nothing short of a three hour operation.”

“A manually intensive three hour process was reduced to a staggering three minutes.”

When a Messer burning table was added to their process, a third-party recommended bringing in a new nesting tool specifically for the Messer. Williams fully believed in the SigmaNEST solution and said, “We were not about to move away from SigmaNEST. We have been using the software successfully for more than eight years and over that time accumulated thousands of custom parts in the software’s parts library. We stood firm in our belief that SigmaNEST was the answer.”

A SigmaNEST-based solution was implemented which fully maximized the beveling capabilities of the Messer. In turn, high quality bevel cuts were quickly achieved and their once manually-intensive 3-hour process was reduced down to just 3 minutes with SigmaNEST.

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