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Overlanders Manufacturing

Overlanders added a Muratec 2548 turret-punch press with FG 1250 loader for a lights-out operation. The machine included SigmaNEST to run the entire process including automatic material handling. “When Muratec said they were going to use SigmaNEST it was a no-brainer that we should have it,” Engineering Manager, George Moore said.

In addition to instructing the machine where to punch the material, SigmaNEST provides material type/thickness and tooling requirements. Furthermore SigmaNEST tightly integrates with MRP systems for job scheduling.

SigmaNEST’s CAD/CAM nesting capabilities and ease-of-use are just amazing.
George Moore, Engineering Manager

Measurable Results

“I’ve used similar software for over 20 years. SigmaNEST’s nesting capabilities and ease-of-use are just amazing,” said Moore. “SigmaNEST is faster for punching and laser and I’m very impressed with the intelligence of the software.”

“We saw measurable results that showed our reduced machine set-up time boosts productivity while tighter nesting reduces scrap. Our punch press with its material handling tower can now run 24/7 unattended. It’s SigmaNEST that makes this all work,” said Moore.

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