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A New Nesting Solution

“Because SigmaNEST production costs have decreased,” explained Miss Wang, HKHI Nesting Technician. “The output part list helps us track production in real-time. Part quantities are clearly displayed on the part column, which prevents nesting mistakes. These features, along with inventory and remnant tracking, are more efficient.”

In addition HKHI often received Tribon™ part files to be cut. Through the engineering conversion functionality of SigmaNEST SimTrans all the Tribon files were easily converted into the part geometry and quickly nested.


People Moving Systems


  • Laser: Mazak
  • 4 Punch Presses: Trumpf
  • Facilities producing 2 product lines: DECO & FASCIA
  • Skeleton material projections were 19.2%

Fabrication Requirements

  • Single nesting software to drive all cutting machines
  • Reduce scrap
  • Software interface with manufacturing/business systems
  • Continually monitor and improve yield

On-demand functionality would allow files to be created in the MRP; and easily opened in SigmaNEST or SimTrans.

DECO: The Deco line consists of stainless steel and brass, including costly satin/mirror finishes. Minimizing skeleton material was vital and nesting had to be tight while maintaining the highest part quality. With SigmaNEST automation was achieved and scrap slashed to 13%.

FASCIA: With assistance from SigmaTEK Services Group, production went live within a week. Within four short months scrap rates were reduced by 25%.

Our scrap has been reduced by 25%. Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved with even a few percentage points decrease in scrap.
Jesus Valenzuela, Industrial Engineer


  • 25% scrap rate improvement
  • Merge processes for even higher efficiency
  • Implement SigmaNEST at other facilities
  • Exceed 95% Material utilization for the entire facility

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