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In Search of Profitability

Manufacturing profitability is best achieved by increasing productivity while decreasing costs. MultiFAB hoped to achieve significant improvements in both areas by changing its CAD/CAM nesting software. Multiple CAD/CAM nesting programs were selected for evaluation with SigmaNEST emerging as the winner.


The company’s Bystonic laser incorporates an automated 2-pallet change system allowing the operator to load and change new and cut materials without interrupting the cutting process. SigmaNEST automation maximizes the machine’s full capacity and capabilities.

SigmaNEST automation allows MultiFAB to maximize the machine’s full capacity and capability.


MultiFAB saw results through tighter nests that resulted in more complete material utilization. Money is saved by buying less material. SigmaNEST versatility allows MultiFAB to remain responsive to an expanding customer base. “SigmaNEST has reduced set-up time while boosting machine performance. This translates into productivity improvements and manufacturing efficiency for higher profitability,” Production Director, Adrian Crowson.

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