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Mayville Engineering Company

Mayville Engineering Company is running around the clock. As one of the largest contract manufacturers in the nation, they have to remain flexible and responsive. To that end they are running an impressive configuration of machines, all integrated with their ERP system via SimTrans. MEC has achieved complete control of their process. When they import a DXF, it is nested for the first available machine, the work order is integrated with their ERP system, and the NC code is created. With SigmaNEST they can automate the process, but they can also jump in and modify things at any part of the workflow.

Mayville Engineering Company owns 12 Trumpf fiber and CO2 lasers, 1 Messer plasma and is running 3 shifts for their around the clock schedule. They utilize SigmaNEST to save thousands of man hours and rely on the software to run on all their machine types. Some of the key features they are offered with SigmaNEST include:

    • Advanced automatic tabbing
    • Machine bed slat recognition
    • Automatic customized report generation
    • Real-time connection to ERP system
    • Automatic inventory ordering

    “Center of gravity is my favorite feature ever,” explains Raymond Gerdom of Mayville Engineering Company. “We probably save 8 man hours per week by just using that feature alone to cut down on part grinding and hunting down lost parts.”

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