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Production Had Sprung A Leak

Parts were digitized and nested by hand with even minor part changes requiring a complete nesting overhaul. Because parts for boat models vary greatly in terms of shape and design, cutting operations had to be responsive to demand and design changes. An automated nesting solution was needed to drive routers and knife cutters used to produce cabinetry, seating, and other interior components.


There is a wide variety of geometry to the parts Brunswick cuts as very few parts on a boat are straight. SigmaNEST demonstrated the ability to nest and integrate all parts into the manufacturing process in the most efficient manner possible while ensuring maximum material yield.

SigmaNEST delivers sustained improvement in production efficiency, material variance, and quality.
Alicia Harris, Engineering & Quality Manager


SigmaNEST transformed a manually-driven series of steps into an automated concurrent manufacturing process. Now in just minutes, Brunswick can nest a week’s worth of parts from five or six different boat models and cut them from a single sheet of material.

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