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Barclays Center

Big Challenges

Nesting and cutting more than 12,000 steel panels for construction of the Barclay’s Center was a major concern. A powerful nesting solution was critical to get the full-range of steel plate sizes needed. That’s when they found SigmaNEST as a solution.

Big Solution

“The design hinged on cutting a variety of steel plate sizes,” explained John Cerone, Director for Construction for SHoP Construction Services. “An inability to do so would mean compromising the design by scaling back. A very powerful CAD/CAM nesting program would be needed in order to get the full range necessary for the project.”

The reporting detail of SigmaNEST was an unexpected bonus. Scanned bar codes were fed into the software where material consumption and costing were automatically monitored and updated into detailed reports allowing tight and accurate control over inventory and the budget.

SigmaNEST allows you to enter various sheet stock sizes and nests accordingly in the most efficient way.
John Cerone, Director of Virtual Design & Construction


Cerone sums it all up: “From the outset we recognized that we needed the right nesting software. From geometry and nesting all the way to data management SigmaNEST was instrumental in the success of the project.”

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