SigmaNEST Training

SigmaNEST training demonstrates all of the key functionality of the software so that users can efficiently nest and program production orders.
We provide both a classroom learning experience (to explain and show the many features) and a hands-on lab opportunity (where the software is actually used).

SigmaNEST Training

Courses Description

These courses are offered regularly.

  • SigmaNEST Lite (1 day – via web)
  • SigmaNEST Refresher (1 day – via web)
  • SigmaNEST User’s Course (3 days – corporate location) (Waterjet, Oxyfuel, Plasma, Laser)

These are all 4-day courses that include the first 2.5 days of the SigmaNEST user’s course and are then followed by 1.5 days of specialized training in the specific topic.

They are aimed at new SigmaNEST users that also need training one of the areas of specialization.


  • SigmaNEST Turret (4 days) (Punch Process Only)
  • SigmaNEST Combo (4 days)
  • SigmaNEST Router (4 days)

These are 1-day courses that include a half day of advanced general training from the end of the SigmaNEST user’s course followed by a half day of specialized training in the specified topic.

They are aimed at existing SigmaNEST users that need additional training in one of the areas of specialization.

Wherever a specialized 4-day course appears in the schedule, it is possible to enroll in just the last day of the training to receive the advanced training.


  • SigmaNEST Turret (1 day)
  • SigmaNEST Combo (1 day)
  • SigmaNEST Router (1 day)

These courses are available on demand only and are scheduled around the constraints of the regularly scheduled courses.

  • SigmaNEST Advanced Material Management & Scheduling (2 days – Online)
  • SigmaNEST Software Developer (2 days)
  • Custom (2 days – Online)

Not sure which training course is right for you? Have one of our team members contact you.