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Enhance the power of your waterjet cutting machines with SigmaNEST. Automatic corner ramping eliminates tailwash and gouging of material, producing higher quality parts. SigmaNEST supports multi-nozzle cutting on new and remnant material. Create the perfect balance of quality and feedrate based on material, thickness, number of nozzles, orifice size and machinability index.

Waterjet cutting is the process of using an extremely high-pressure jet of water, or water containing abrasive substances, to cut a wide variety of material such as metal or granite. Waterjet cutting is one of the most precise methods of cutting, especially if you seek to cut intricate or fine details on expensive material. It is also the preferred method if you need to cut heat-sensitive material, such as glass.

SigmaNEST provides superior functionality and quality for abrasive cutting. Main features include intricate calculations of detail cuts through automatic acceleration/deceleration programming, stack cutting capabilities and optimal use of consumables through pierce reduction.

Waterjet cutting machine


  • Interactive layer mapping on CAD files
  • Different processes per layer
  • Different quality settings per layer
  • Variable feed rate based on material
  • Complete control of cut quality


  • Feedrate ramping to eliminate tailwash and gouging
  • Definable edge quality
  • Intricate detail cuts through automatic acceleration/deceleration programming
  • Stack cutting capabilities
  • Optimal use of consumables through pierce reduction

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