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SigmaNEST for Peddinghaus Machines

SigmaNEST is the preferred nesting software for many customers using Peddinghaus machines. Customers like Valley Iron, Empire Dynamic, Metals USA, and United Steel are successful combining both technologies.

SigmaNEST for Peddinghaus Machines

Key Benefits Include:

Better material utilization through:

  • Custom-defined nesting zones on the plate
  • Nesting from the plate and remnant library

Control your costs through job tracking and customized productivity reports

Better machine utilization through:

  • Fully automatic geometry based punching and drilling support (special layers are not required)
  • Custom-defined sequencing rules that take advantage of the Peddinghaus tool arrangement
  • Improved part quality through acceleration management on the machine
  • SigmaNEST part programs – faster for operators to learn and utilize
  • Intelligent lead-in placement for efficient dump table operation
  • Bridge cutting of parts for fewer cycles of the dump table
  • Automatic pushout moves and clearance moves prevent parts from jamming in the drive rollers

Peddinghaus has served the steel construction, heavy plate fabrication, and related metal working industries for more than 100 years. Peddinghaus is a leader in innovative machine tool technology, from anvils to bench vises, to technologically advanced structural and plate fabrication systems

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