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SigmaNEST for Aerospace

SigmaNEST is ideal for manufacturers producing parts for aerospace. Rarely is part quality and accuracy as critical as it is in aerospace to meet the federal requirements that keep lives safe while 30,000+ feet above the Earth. SigmaNEST offers nesting efficiency with non-thermal cutting processes like waterjet, router and knife to ensure part integrity while improving cutting time.

Advantages for Aerospace

  • Specific modules for waterjet, router and knife cutting provide seamless support of machine functionality.
  • SigmaNEST offers specialized features like automatic pulsing, power ramping, and pierce-on-the-fly
  • Punch features include common-line punching, automatic and interactive repositioning, tabbing and drop-door support.
Industries Aerospace

Aerospace Customers Include

Cessna Textron Aviation
FERCO Aerospace
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
GE Aviation

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