SigmaNEST Supported Machines

SigmaNEST is the most powerful and versatile nesting software in the world. It works with every type of fabrication machine and is packed with unique features to enhance their production capabilities.

supported machines - nesting software for tube
“SigmaTUBE allows us to nest complete assemblies without exporting individual parts.”
Kevin Bailey, VP Engineering - ACE Manufacturing
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Tube and Pipe

SigmaTUBE® is our complete tube and pipe cutting software supporting round, square, rectangular, or triangular tube/pipe along with structural material such as I-beams, H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and other user-defined shapes. Custom programs are available to fully maximize the advanced features of Mazak FabriGear, Trumpf, BLM, Bystronic, Amada and Other 3D tube and pipe cutting laser machines. SigmaTUBE generates NC code without exporting assemblies or parts from SOLIDWORKS. In addition a wide variety of popular or neutral SolidCAD file formats are also supported. In addition, SigmaTUBE contains its own library of standard shapes.

  • Weldments
  • Automatic separation by cross section
  • Instance count control from BOM
  • Revision control (auto flag on part change)
  • Automatic or manual lead-in/lead-out placement
  • 3D simulation of the cutting process that shows part in process, cutting head, and machine
  • Intuitive arrangement of tools and user interface
  • Part/Torch collision detection
  • Tube recognition
  • Beam recognition
  • Cut-Out & End-Cut feature recognition
  • Rotary Cutting
  • Sketch protection and wrap
  • Feature suppression for cutting
  • Space frame and tube frame
  • Cutting technology database
  • Intelligent feature recognition
  • Complex programming made EASY
  • Faster turn-around time for orders
  • Optimized material usage and machine performance
  • Empower your programmers to be more flexible and productive
  • No separate CAM system required
  • Automatically generate NC code tool path for solid part geometry
  • Alltra
  • AltaMAR
  • Amada
  • Balliu
  • BLM
  • BODA
  • Bystronic
  • EPM
  • Han’s
  • HKI
  • Knuth
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Mazak
  • MicroStep
  • Peddinghaus
  • Soitaab
  • Trumpf
  • Vernon Tool

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