SigmaNEST for Trumpf

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SigmaNEST is the preferred nesting software for Trumpf laser cutting machines. The following companies prefer SigmaNEST:

  • Raymond Corporation
  • Grain Belt Supply
  • Astec, Inc
  • Toyota Industrial
  • Fab Tech, Inc.
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Trumpf Laser Cutting 4030
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CCS uses SigmaNEST for their laser, punch press, and plasma machines. CCS sees the benefit of using SigmaNEST with their 50 Trumpf machines, as they work seamlessly together. SigmaNEST makes it easy to use microweld to hold in nested parts on Trumpf machines, save time and material with chain cutting, common cutting, bridge cutting, and many other features.

With so many Trumpf machines utilizing the capabilities of SigmaNEST in one company, it’s easy to see why SigmaNEST and Trumpf pair perfectly with each other.

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With advanced features for the newest Trumpf machines, such as the TruMatic 6000 and TruMatic 7000

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Key Benefits for Trumpf include:

  • Cutting technology management functions like automatic pulsing, power ramping, feed rate control, focal height, assist gas and pressure adjustment
  • Pre-piercing, pierce “on-the-fly” and pierce reduction, as well as options for fine, fast and normal piercing
  • Material and time savings with bridge cutting, common-line cutting and chain cutting
  • Microwelds
  • Various levels of cut quality using Appropriate Quality Cutting (AQC) technology
  • Repositioning and automatic cut pick up for cutting on plates that extend beyond the cutting area
  • Selective vaporizing at low wattage to cut protective layer
  • Corner ramping precision
SigmaNEST X1
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