SigmaNEST Supported Machines

SigmaNEST is the most powerful and versatile nesting software in the world. It works with every type of fabrication machine and is packed with unique features to enhance their production capabilities.

supported machines - nesting software for punch
“Our scrap rate has been reduced by 25%. Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved with even a few percentage points decrease in scrap.”
Jesus Valenzuela, Industrial Engineer - OTIS
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With its modern approach to punching, SigmaNEST optimizes production through our AutoDynamic Nesting. This technology balances tool changes and tool choices to maximize machine run time by eliminating tool changes. We offer a variety of packages for our punch machine modules to suit your business needs. Use the right technology at the right time.

  • Automatic and semi-automatic manual punch tooling options for flexibility
  • Flexible microjoint (tabbing) strategies for part/sheet stability
  • Easy and powerful tool and tool life management
  • Full support for part removal devices from drop doors to robotics
  • Support for rolling tools (ie Wilson Wheel)
  • Managing work order priorities and reporting on machine cycle time
  • Reduced machine cycle time and less material waste through common line punching
  • Best material optimization with easy nesting and punching in clamp zones
  • Powerful configurable post processors to run your machine the way you want
  • Single interface for tool library and turret configuration
  • Interactive part and nest mode tooling
  • Manual repositioning
  • Automatic tool sorting
  • Manual tabbing and micro-joints
  • Drop door support
  • Tool safety zones
  • One software programs all major profile cutting and punching machines
  • Save time with reduced tool changes with auto-sort
  • Maximum flexibility in file conversion and importation
  • Custom shapes can be saved into standard part library for future use
  • Using a single software for multiple machines reduces programming and training time required
  • Save engineering time through simplified programming and more efficient machine output
  • Amada
  • Baykal
  • Euromac
  • Ficep
  • FinnPower
  • Haco
  • LVC
  • Murata
  • Nisshinbo
  • Prima
  • Salvagnini
  • Trumpf

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