SigmaNEST Supported Machines

SigmaNEST is the most powerful and versatile nesting software in the world. It works with every type of fabrication machine and is packed with unique features to enhance their production capabilities.


SigmaNEST’s powerful features for oxyfuel cutting machines will improve efficiency, reduce scrap, and produce clean parts. Our nesting software will handle everything your oxufuel machine needs including heavy plate processing, intricate bevel cutting, and multiple torches. We can also perform advanced beveling with 5-axis support and automatic beveling.

  • Nesting strategies to take advantage of multiple torches
  • Changes between single-torch and multi-torch nests
  • Post processors that intelligently manage your torch spacing, whether it be automatic or manual
  • Thermal locks to keep the plate intact when cutting thick plate
  • Pre-piercing with the torch or by drilling to improve process reliability and extend consumable life
  • Chain & bridge cutting to eliminate unnecessary pierces
  • Nest on multiple side-by-side sheets
  • Chain cutting for fewer pieces
  • Thermal locks for skeletal integrity
  • Powerful lead-ins for best possible cut starts
  • Extended torch tip life and better quality cuts through pre-piercing
  • Remnant management for best utilization of your high-value material
  • Feed rate ramping on cutting machine for highest quality holes and slots
  • Easy edge starts with click and drag pierce points
  • V, Y and K bevels
  • Automatic height sensing management
  • Swarf cutting
  • Variable angle bevel
  • Blind bevel
  • Automatic multi-pass sequencing
  • Triple-torch start-up windows
  • Full position vector post (X, Y, Z, I, J, K)
  • Rotator mapping in post or control
  • Bevel feature recognition
  • Multiple corner loop types
  • 5-Axis bevel support
  • Nesting for bevels to ensure clearance for maximum material utilization
  • Kerf in computer or control
  • Part settings for bevels, grain constraints and lead-in/out can be saved to the part library for future use
  • Detailed graphical reports support accurate production planning, routing and scheduling
  • ALLtra
  • ESAB
  • Lind
  • Microstep
  • Nukon
  • Soitaab
supported machines - nesting software for oxyfuel
“SigmaNEST has reduced set-up time while boosting machine performance. This translates into productivity improvements and manufacturing efficiency which translate into higher profitability.”
Adrian Crowson, Production Director - MultiFAB
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