Invoices to pay in this transaction:

The invoice number must start with ST and be followed by at least 4 digits.
The amount may have digits and "." only. If "." is present it must be followed by two digits.
If paying for training use ST0909 for the invoice number and enter your company name in "special instructions."
If paying for SigmaTEK Academy use ST1000 for the invoice number and enter your company name in "special instructions."

Invoice number Amount (USD)

Delivery policy

SigmaNEST products are delivered in accordance with the customer's terms and conditions of the issued purchase order. Products are shipped standard two-day ground delivery, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Refund policy

Customers eligible for a refund will be reimbursed in compliance with the signed software license agreement and purchase terms of sale. Customers will receive a refund payment per the same method as payment was received. Credit card refund payments will only be issued to the credit card number used to make the payment.

If you are paying for SigmaTEK Academy please enter ST1000 for the invoice number, 295.00 for the amount, and enter your company name in the Special Instructions section on the final payment page.

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