SigmaNEST for Aerospace

SigmaNEST is ideal for manufacturers producing parts for aerospace. Rarely is part quality and accuracy as critical as it is in aerospace to meet the federal requirements that keep lives safe while 30,000+ feet above the earth. SigmaNEST’s nesting efficiency with non-thermal cutting processes like waterjet, router, and knife, help to ensure part integrity while improving cutting time to make sure you are at your most efficient even during turbulent times
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A few ways SigmaNEST nesting software supports the Aerospace Industry

  • Automatic pulsing
  • Power ramping
  • Variable feedrates
  • Pierce-on-the-fly
  • Cluster punch with tool substitution capability

SigmaNEST utilizes all machine cutting/punching functions and technologies, ensuring peak performance while integrating with other software and systems to optimize processes.

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Aerospace Customers Include

Cessna Textron Aviation
FERCO Aerospace
Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Motion Optimization

SigmaNEST provides required, specialized modules for waterjet, router and knife cutting machines to ensure our key features match seamlessly with the machine functionality.

Material Utilization

Advanced true shape nesting allows part-in-part nesting, easily combining small and larger parts from multiple orders to get the best material yield. SigmaNEST’s advanced modules provide complete inventory control, allowing best sheet selection, improved remnant consumption and overall inventory reduction.

Part Quality

For large machine parts, SigmaNEST cuts the most dimensionally accurate parts through features like automatic power ramping at corners, auto dwell and exact stops, as well as varying, user-defined cut quality. Other features, such as over-burn and tabbing, help ensure part quality for the larger, denser parts required for construction and agricultural equipment.

For punch machines, SigmaNEST offers the option for “auto dynamic” nesting to tool and nest parts at the same time. Common-line punching, automatic and interactive repositioning, tabbing and drop-door capabilities are among the other key punch features.

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