Remnant Tracking

Remnants (also known as “drops”) are usable pieces of material that remain after parts are cut from a sheet. Using SigmaNEST’s complete remnant tracking and reporting system, you can maximize yield and minimize waste to improve your shop’s efficiency.
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Due to their odd shapes, usable remnants often go to waste. Without the right tools, they can be difficult to handle and nearly impossible to nest on. Using the SigmaNEST remnant tracking system, you can maximize your material usage percentages, and minimize leftover scraps.

SigmaNEST’s comprehensive remnant tracking features are dedicated to keeping remnants at the forefront of your process. When creating a new program, leftover remnants are automatically calculated and added to the remnant library. You can then quickly and easily assign these remnants to future jobs, without worrying about manual measurements or extra work.

Nested PartNesting Layout

The advantages are clear

Maximize material usage
Automatically use remnants in future jobs
Increase efficiency without sacrificing time

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