SigmaNEST Machine Console

SigmaNEST Machine Console provides “on-demand” and “just-in-time” nesting. It retrieves a work load from your MRP or ERP system, then prioritizes it based on specific attributes. The Machine Console then calculates the optimal nest and stock to ensure that you get the highest yield possible. This makes it ideal for medium to high-volume plate and sheet processing sites that desire a high level of automation.

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SigmaNEST Machine Console enables an “on demand” or “just-in-time” nesting process. The following process describes an example workflow.
  • A pool of stock sheets of various sizes and a specified material and gauge is created
  • The operator selects the Process Work button
  • Outstanding orders are automatically drawn from the MRP system using SimTrans
  • Priority parameters are examined to automatically determine which orders to process first
  • Parts from these orders are sample nested on all the sheets in the pool
  • The optimal nest with the highest material utilization is selected and posted to the machine
  • As programs are completed, their status is updated and fed back to the MRP or scheduling system using SimTrans
Machine Console


Machine Console Integration


  • SigmaNEST Console provides unparalleled integration between your business systems, stock management, and the shop floor operations with groundbreaking operational simplicity
  • The result is a level of control, throughput, and efficiency never seen before
Machine Console Optimization


  • Parts from multiple orders can be drawn from the work load and nested on the same sheet to create the highest material utilization
  • Every nest is attempted on all the sheet sizes specified in the pool and the one with the highest material utilization is selected
Machine Console Simplicity


  • The console user interface is easy to use with minimal training
  • There is a simple mechanism to select stock sheets with a common gauge for inclusion in the material pool
  • The entire nest, optimize, post cycle is triggered by the selection of a “Process Work” button
  • The “Next Material” displays the material/ thickness that should be run next based on due dates
Machine Console Automation


  • SigmaNEST SimTrans draws work from the MRP or scheduling system and places it in a list of outstanding work without any human intervention.
  • Console draws from the outstanding work list at simple operator-determined intervals.
  • Work is drawn from the list in priority order, where the priority is determined by examining attributes such as the order’s due date, a manually entered priority and whether it is part of a broken order.
  • Nesting automatically takes place on all sheets in the material pool and the nest with highest material utilization is automatically selected.
  • Work status automatically flows back to the MRP system via SigmaNEST SimTrans
Machine Console Throughput


Console has unique features to keep the system flowing as smoothly and quickly as possible.

There are three tasks in progress at one time:

  • One task is finishing and its completed status is being communicated back to the MRP system.
  • One program is running on the machine.
  • The next task is being nested so that it can be loaded as soon as the preceding one completes.
Machine Console


  • Work from multiple orders can be drawn at the same time and nested on the same sheet
  • Large orders can be broken
  • Cancellations or changes to order composition are handled immediately and automatically
  • As they are modified or removed from the MRP system, these changes propagate to the pending work load and the revised orders are drawn without further human intervention

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