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Applying a Wilson Tool in SigmaNEST Wilson Tool is a revolutionary tool manufacturer that makes tools for CNC Punch Press machines. These tools help companies reduce cycle time, improve product quality, and allow you to form material in ways that were not possible in the past. They offer tools like Rolling Shear, Rolling Offset, Rolling Rib and many more. This webinar will go over how to create and apply various types of Wilson Wheel tools in SigmaNEST. Jun 28, 20191:00pm EDT30 minutes
User Management User Management is a powerful feature in SigmaNEST that allows your administrator to control who has access to specific features and settings. Having trouble with new programmers changing default settings? Want to control who has access to your advanced configuration settings or technology data? User Management will solve both of these problems! With the flexibility of four different user groups and the ability to link the SigmaNEST Profile associated with your Windows Username to a group, managing your users is easier than ever. This Webinar will cover how to setup User Management and tailor it to meet your company's needs. Jul 12, 20191:00pm EDT30 minutes

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