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Idaho Steel trainingSigmaNEST training demonstrates all of the key functionality of the software so that users can efficiently nest and program production orders. We provide both a “classroom” learning experience (to explain and show the many features) and a “hands-on lab” opportunity (where the software is actually used).

One of our capable applications engineers leads the training, so users can ask questions of a SigmaNEST expert as well as learn from the industry experience of others in the session.

Training Schedule

We offer a wide variety of training times in both our Cincinnati and Seattle offices. Generally speaking, training is available in Cincinnati every other week and in Seattle once per month.

However, if you have constraints on dates that will work for your team, we will try to adjust our schedule to your needs.


Our training class size is limited to best allow users to focus, ask questions, and interact with fellow users. This ensures that the training is effective and of the highest standard. Each user has their own computer station for a hands-on experience with all exercises.

SigmaNEST training generally begins at 8:30 and concludes between 4:30 and 5 p.m. with a one-hour break for lunch (provided).

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SigmaNEST Lite (1 day)
SigmaNEST Refresher (1 day)
SigmaNEST User’s Course (3 days) (Waterjet, Oxyfuel, Plasma, Laser)
These are all 4-day courses that include the first 2.5 days of the SigmaNEST user’s course and are then followed by 1.5 days of specialized training in the specified topic.

They are aimed at new SigmaNEST users that also need training in one of the areas of specialization.

SigmaNEST Turret (4 days) (Punch Process Only)
SigmaNEST Combo (4 days) (Separate Whitney Machines)
SigmaNEST Router (4 days)

These are all 2-day courses that include a half day of advanced general training from the end of the SigmaNEST User’s course followed by 1.5 days of specialized training in the specified topic.

They are aimed at existing SigmaNEST users that need additional training in one of the areas of specialization.

Wherever a specialized 4-day course appears in the schedule, it is possible to enroll in just the last 2 days of it as an advanced course.

SigmaNEST Turret (2 days)
SigmaNEST Advanced Combo (2 days)
SigmaNEST Advanced Router (2 days)

These courses are available on demand only and are scheduled around the constraints of the regularly scheduled courses.

SigmaNEST Advanced Material Management & Scheduling (2 days)
SigmaNEST Software Developer (2 days)
Custom (2 days)

US Training Locations

Cincinnati Office
Corporate Headquarters

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
1445 Kemper Meadow Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240-1637

Preferred Hotels


Seattle Office

SigmaTEK Systems, LLC
2495 152nd Avenue NE
Bldg. 17, Suite 2495
Redmond, WA 98052

Preferred Hotels


Worldwide Training

Not in the United States?  SigmaTEK has multiple offices around the world, ready to help you Nest with the BEST.  To find a local office, visit our offices page, and let us know you are interested in training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I “learn by using” rather than attend training?

Even though many SigmaNEST features are intuitive, a user may miss functionality that positively impact cutting time, scrap, and overall process management when trying to learn on their own.

Is training “required” in any way?

We do not require training in order to use SigmaNEST. However, we have a team of Applications Engineers providing technical support out of both Cincinnati and Seattle via telephone or email. This Technical Support Service is available only to those completing certified SigmaNEST training led by one of our Applications Engineers.

Should I attend training at a SigmaTEK site or bring one of the Application Engineers to our facility for “on site” training?

Both options have advantages and challenges, so you should choose what is best for your company and users. Many people prefer training at either SigmaTEK Cincinnati or Seattle to get trained earlier during our scheduled classes,  focus on learning the software, be in a learning environment, tour the SigmaTEK facilities, meet the SigmaNEST experts, see the breadth of features offered by SigmaNEST.

What if I can only train by inviting one of your “on site” Applications Engineers to visit our facility?

Some companies feel that there are benefits from training at their own facility. This allows for users to learn SigmaNEST in their own shop environment, focusing on their specific needs and challenges, and are available to deal with other production emergencies when necessary.

Training Registration

Use this form to schedule SigmaNEST training. All attendees must be listed in the “Attendee” column.

Payment can be made using a credit card or, if you supply a purchase order number below, SigmaTEK will bill you. If you pay by credit card use ST0909 as the invoice number.

Class times are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day.

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