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Introducing SigmaNEST X1, the latest version of the world’s best sheet metal CAD/CAM system, offering improved functionality for CNC punch, laser, and plasma machines. The new Dynapack-HD nesting engine, which handles multi-sheet nesting tasks more efficiently, provides the best sheet selection and overall material yield improvement yet. We will be demonstrating SigmaNEST X1 at the FABTECH show in November 2015.

The new SigmaNEST X1 acts as a hub or cockpit from which to integrate multiple machines, optimize production schedules, reduce scrap, and shorten cycle time through smart machine programming.

We are also introducing SigmaWEBTM, a new QuoteNestingTM solution which allows customers of a job shop using SigmaNEST to obtain job quotes through a web interface.

  • Multi-sheet nesting
  • Better material yield
  • Control all machines from one place
  • Smart machine programming
SigmaNEST X1 Logo
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SigmaNEST X1 is simply the best nesting software in the industry. The proprietary nesting engines, developed and maintained by an expert team of mathematicians and engineers, offer unparalleled material utilization and nesting efficiency. SigmaNEST X1 runs on every type of machine, delivering maximum versatility and scalability to meet your requirements for today and beyond. It also increases productivity by saving valuable materials and manpower without sacrificing quality. SigmaNEST X1 integrates with most popular design, manufacturing, and business programs using a simple and easy to learn interface.

All of this, plus the best customer support in the business, is why SigmaNEST is the industry leader with over 18,000 systems installed worldwide. And that number keeps growing. It is our drive, our passion, and our promise to give you the best software, service, and support in the industry. With SigmaNEST, your company truly can Nest with the Best®.

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